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My Winter Skincare Essentials

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Since the east coast of North America seems to be having a winter that JUST WON'T QUIT, I thought I would share my winter weather skincare essentials with you! These are all new to me products that I've been using during the cold winter months, and they have made all the difference this year! I've just recently started to invest in more quality skincare products, and am amazed at the difference it makes for my skin. With the house being so dry for 5 months + of the year, these products have been lifesavers for me this past winter! winter skincare essentials – Bioderma

First up is Bioderma's Micelle Solution. This ultra light solution is what I use every evening before bed to wash away my makeup makeup with ease. It's a quick and easy way for me to wash my face quickly and get to bed to get some shut eye.

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Natural soaps made with ingredients such as shea butter, coconut and almond oil have helped me save on moisturizers this year. These lovely soaps cost a bit more than the name brands you find in the grocery store, but for me are worth every penny. They help moisturize my skin while in the shower, and it saves me from applying moisturizer as often as I used to. These lovely soaps are by the fabulous Canadian skincare company Matter company. I cannot say enough about their products, all natural and so easy on mine and my kids sensitive skin. 

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This is hands down (haha!) the best hand cream I have ever used. This hand cream by Avène goes on so easily and is not greasy at all! It has a lovely soft scent, and works like a charm for clearing up my dry skin on my hands. This is my go-to hand repair product, and I recommend it to everyone!

winter skincare essentials

Last but not least is this amazing lipgloss. It is a cult favourite that I heard about through the fabulous Joanna Goddard. Since I started using Smith's Rosebud Salve, I have gotten so many compliments on the colour of my lips (all natural baby, no colour added to this gloss), it just makes my lips look and feel super moisturized and soft. It has a lovely rosebud scent, which I just adore. Definitely pick this one up, it is the only lipgloss you will ever need. Plus, the packaging is super cute.

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup of my favourite skincare products for the winter! Hopefully you'll find a new product that you'll work into your daily beauty routine, or as you prepare for your upcoming wedding! What are your favourite skincare products? Anything I haven't mentioned above that I should try? I would love to hear, leave me a comment below!