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Give yourself grace

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Today I'm sharing some lessons that I've learned from avidly listening to the Jess Lively Podcast. This girl is seriously amazing, her guests are phenomenal and I always get some profound and helpful advice and tips when I listen to her podcasts. The lesson to give myself and my business patience and grace to grow at the pace that it needs to has stuck with me since I listened to the Jess Lively episode with Becky Murphy.

You should definitely give this podcast a listen if you haven't already. It's really amazing, I promise you will learn so much from each and every episode. If you do, let me know! And let Jess Lively know that LaFabère sent you. 

To celebrate some amazing projects that are on the LaFabère horizon, I'm sharing this free printable with you guys! If you would like to print these words and have them in your home, office, powder room, wherever! Just send me an email and I'll be happy to send it over to you!