From the Ruffled blog – Wedding favour free printable

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Ruffled blog free printable

Looking to add european style, a personalized touch to your wedding favours? This gift wrap printable is perfect for wrapping olive oil bottles, wine bottles, candles, etc. Simply download the gift wrap file here, print on tabloid size sheets, and wrap away! 

Ruffled blog free printable

To achieve this look, I simply placed the bottle in the centre of the sheet. Then carefully wrap the paper around the object, making sure that it overlaps at the back. You may need to trim or fold the extra length of paper if it's too long for your object. Next, use transparent tape to secure the sheet. Once that's in place, fold the paper around the neck of the bottle in the same direction, creating a clean look. Then wrap some string (I used upholstery thread) to add an elegant finishing touch to the bottle.

diy wedding favour
Ruffled blog free printable

Let me know if you printed it out and use it as part of your wedding day! I would love to see the results! Back to the Ruffled post.