a mindful wedding

Christine BretonComment
mindfulness on your wedding day

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind. With the many decisions you need to make to create the day you've envisioned, it can start to feel overwhelming. Too much. Too quick. Too fast. This is why practicing mindfulness is such an important part of your planning process, as well as on your wedding day. 

If you already have a mindfulness practice that you use every day, and even if you don't, here are some ways you can use mindfulness techniques to squeeze every ounce out of your wedding day. 

1. Keep a wedding journal. Find a small, compact notebook and jot down the sweet moments that happen during the days leading up to your wedding day. That sweet memory your grandmother shared with you about the day she got married. The advice and kindness you receive from friends and family. The date nights with your fiancé, the night you stayed up writing your vows... The key is to make sure the notebook is easy for you to tote it around.

2. Journal the morning AFTER your wedding day. Before you head out to brunch, find a moment to jot down any specific memories that stick out about the amazing day you just experienced. You'll love having these memories to look back on when you read your journal years into your marriage.

3. List out your priorities and stick to it! Spend your wedding budget on the things that matter to YOU. Make a list at the beginning of the planning process and outline what your top 5 priorities are for your wedding day. Absolutely have to have a specific photographer? Put it at the top of your list. Love the work of an invitation designer or calligrapher? Put them at the top of your list too. The key is to stick to your list and don't let yourself be influenced by what your friends are spending their budgets on. Stay true to your values and priorities list. 

radiate love quote

4. Pick a mantra. Choosing a quote, song lyric, meditation mantra to repeat to yourself when you have to make a big decision, or look at your never ending to do list can be really beneficial. If you can, find a quiet spot to yourself and sit calmly and visualize the mantra in your head. I personally love to use "Radiate Love" as a personal mantra. 

Do you currently have a mindfulness practice? Do you plan on using some of these tips while you're planning your wedding? I would love to hear.