love from LaFabère on Valentine's day

Christine BretonComment
happy valentines day

Valentine's day has transformed for me over the years. When I first met my husband, I looked forward to it every year, buying into the idea that his gift to me was a reflection of how he felt about me. After a few years of marriage (ok, quite a few) and three kids later, I put waaaaay less emphasis on the day, focusing now on making it a special day for the kids. We dress in red, and the boys gave each other valentines this morning (insert heart melting emoji here). 

This year, I'm happy to be announcing the winners of the Tie The Knot ticket giveaway I posted on Instagram and Facebook! LaFabère, along with a slew of crazy talented vendors, are participating in this year's Tie The Knot Wedding Show, and I'm super excited to meet and chat with all of you this Saturday February 18th! Congrats to Lis Woyzbun, Julia Batchelor, Bianca Staltari, Stephanie LaPlante, @emcha613, @chanele23, @barbworksout, @prima_donna_g1rl. Send me your email addresses and I'll set aside a pair of tickets for you at the show!