Can handmade = luxury?

Christine BretonComment
LaFabere talks handmade and luxury wedding invitations

Short answer: YES! 

Now here is why. As an artist and hand crafter, I put my heart and soul into each of my projects. Hours of researching reference material, the history behind a project, the best quality materials to produce the project. You can expect quality and attention to small details from an artisan, because they do what they do for the love of the craft and to give people something unique and one of a kind. 

The invitations and prints created by LaFabère are so carefully crafted and produced. We take pride in delivering invitations that are really unique and wow guests by adding beautiful details that are crafted by hand. You can expect attention to detail on every single invitation that gets sent out. The little details like antique lace, velvet ribbon, hand cut paper flags, hand painted textures and patterns, high quality archival paper and inks for printing... Careful attention to colour and fabric choices that will highlight your wedding day details. Getting me to know each couple we work with, what they're into, how they met, their engagement story.  These details are what make our handcrafted products luxury. 

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So there you have it, handcrafted can equal luxury.  It's what we believe in, and when you work with us, we know you will too.