From the Ruffled blog – Wedding favour free printable

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Ruffled blog free printable

Looking to add european style, a personalized touch to your wedding favours? This gift wrap printable is perfect for wrapping olive oil bottles, wine bottles, candles, etc. Simply download the gift wrap file here, print on tabloid size sheets, and wrap away! 

Ruffled blog free printable

To achieve this look, I simply placed the bottle in the centre of the sheet. Then carefully wrap the paper around the object, making sure that it overlaps at the back. You may need to trim or fold the extra length of paper if it's too long for your object. Next, use transparent tape to secure the sheet. Once that's in place, fold the paper around the neck of the bottle in the same direction, creating a clean look. Then wrap some string (I used upholstery thread) to add an elegant finishing touch to the bottle.

diy wedding favour
Ruffled blog free printable

Let me know if you printed it out and use it as part of your wedding day! I would love to see the results! Back to the Ruffled post.

An ode to trying new things

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Friends, I've been changing things up. Developing new ideas, trying new techniques, doing things in a new way. I'm learning new skills and taking classes, and it's been... refreshing. It's sparked new joy for creativity and curiosity and exploration. And the results? SO good. It's given me a spring in my step, put more smiles on my face, and elevated my process, my design, my happiness. Making mistakes and learning from them and pushing on until I get the result I want in a design? That's the process. The trial and error. That's where the good stuff is, and where the elevating begins. 

I'm not ready to share the specifics of the new things I've been trying (that's a secret I'll be sharing with you all very soon I promise) but I wanted to check in and encourage YOU to try something new too. Is there a class you've been dying to take? Maybe a floral arrangement class like this one from Flowers Talk Tivoli. Or maybe try your hand at making a canoe paddle for the summer months ahead. Or even how to up your photography game by learning from the funnest girl around Laura Kelly Photography

Whatever it is that you've been telling yourself you would love to try, but can't find the time, you don't know where to start, or you're not sure if you'll be good at it... I'm telling you, just GO for it. Dive in with both feet and see where it'll take you. Adventure and fun are just around the corner, if you just make the leap.

So tell me, what is it that you've been dying to try? And if you do try something new, tell me how it went! I would love to hear in the comments.

Live Boldly. Push Yourself. Don't Settle.

a mindful wedding

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mindfulness on your wedding day

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind. With the many decisions you need to make to create the day you've envisioned, it can start to feel overwhelming. Too much. Too quick. Too fast. This is why practicing mindfulness is such an important part of your planning process, as well as on your wedding day. 

If you already have a mindfulness practice that you use every day, and even if you don't, here are some ways you can use mindfulness techniques to squeeze every ounce out of your wedding day. 

1. Keep a wedding journal. Find a small, compact notebook and jot down the sweet moments that happen during the days leading up to your wedding day. That sweet memory your grandmother shared with you about the day she got married. The advice and kindness you receive from friends and family. The date nights with your fiancé, the night you stayed up writing your vows... The key is to make sure the notebook is easy for you to tote it around.

2. Journal the morning AFTER your wedding day. Before you head out to brunch, find a moment to jot down any specific memories that stick out about the amazing day you just experienced. You'll love having these memories to look back on when you read your journal years into your marriage.

3. List out your priorities and stick to it! Spend your wedding budget on the things that matter to YOU. Make a list at the beginning of the planning process and outline what your top 5 priorities are for your wedding day. Absolutely have to have a specific photographer? Put it at the top of your list. Love the work of an invitation designer or calligrapher? Put them at the top of your list too. The key is to stick to your list and don't let yourself be influenced by what your friends are spending their budgets on. Stay true to your values and priorities list. 

radiate love quote

4. Pick a mantra. Choosing a quote, song lyric, meditation mantra to repeat to yourself when you have to make a big decision, or look at your never ending to do list can be really beneficial. If you can, find a quiet spot to yourself and sit calmly and visualize the mantra in your head. I personally love to use "Radiate Love" as a personal mantra. 

Do you currently have a mindfulness practice? Do you plan on using some of these tips while you're planning your wedding? I would love to hear.



love from LaFabère on Valentine's day

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happy valentines day

Valentine's day has transformed for me over the years. When I first met my husband, I looked forward to it every year, buying into the idea that his gift to me was a reflection of how he felt about me. After a few years of marriage (ok, quite a few) and three kids later, I put waaaaay less emphasis on the day, focusing now on making it a special day for the kids. We dress in red, and the boys gave each other valentines this morning (insert heart melting emoji here). 

This year, I'm happy to be announcing the winners of the Tie The Knot ticket giveaway I posted on Instagram and Facebook! LaFabère, along with a slew of crazy talented vendors, are participating in this year's Tie The Knot Wedding Show, and I'm super excited to meet and chat with all of you this Saturday February 18th! Congrats to Lis Woyzbun, Julia Batchelor, Bianca Staltari, Stephanie LaPlante, @emcha613, @chanele23, @barbworksout, @prima_donna_g1rl. Send me your email addresses and I'll set aside a pair of tickets for you at the show!

Pop-up Shop at Fab Baby Gear

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LaFabere Pop-up Shop at Fab Baby Gear Saturday September 17th

I am feverishly getting things ready for the upcoming Pop-Up shop happening over at Fab Baby Gear in just over one week! What's a Pop-up Shop you ask? They're crazy popular in the wedding industry, it's a chance for you to see a designers new collection, while chatting with the maker and asking all of the questions you can think of. Like this one for example: do you sew on every piece of fabric or paper flag yourself? Yes, yes I do, with my trusty Singer sewing machine whom I love.

I'll also have all of my fabric collection that you can go through and pick from to create a customized print for your babe (or babes!) or that special mom-to-be who loves beautiful design and totally loves supporting local designers and makers.

Fab Baby Gear's Westboro location is at 1244 Wellington Street West. Hope to see you there!